Trupt’s Kindergarten is based on a preparation plan to get the child ready for primary school. We make children prepared so that they can have a smooth transition from a well-guarded kindergarten into a diverse environment that is offered in a traditional school.

  1. The Senior KG Program at Trupt is an all-inclusive, focused and skill-building program.
  2. The children gain a deeper knowledge into concepts that they have learnt in Junior KG.
  3. The specific activities are tailor-made as per the individual skill sets that a child possesses.
  4. They also learn to work in groups, share ideas with other children through interacting and listening from peers and teachers.
  5. The language skills are a special focus which enables them to communicate with each other in the right way and also prepares them to be more verbal in their thoughts as they move into primary school.

Our Senior KG children are adept in knowledge and life skills that will be a stepping stone for them when they make their debut into a formal school for their 1st Grade. They are groomed to become confident and intelligent young minds ready to take the next big step in their life!

Unique theme-based activities.
Establishing vital academic skills.
Developing social skills by interacting with teachers and peers.
Improve the reading and writing skills.
Progressive curriculum for an effortless transition into formal school.

Reading & Writing
Optimizing Language Skills
Introduction to the second language
Understanding mathematical concepts
Enhanced cognitive skills
Advanced Creative art and science concepts
Extra-curricular activities

Science & Social Sciences
Dance, Art, Music & Play
Public Speaking
Celebration of Festivals & Special Days
Field trips
Free Play