Trupt’s playgroup program is structured for children who are between the age of two and three years. This program has been carefully created to make the children feel the Trupt is an extension of their home. Most of the kids who come into the playgroup are there for the first time away from the well recognized and comfortable home environment. At Trupt, we make sure that the child has a smooth transition into our playgroup by providing an environment that will not only help them in an overall development but will also make them enjoy every moment spent with us.

  1. Our curriculum consists of materials that are specially made for this particular age group which will aid every child to understand and also learns the practical concepts through exploring, innovating and playing.
  2. The program specifically helps children to identify their inborn creative talent and develops their math and language skills.

Activity-based learning is utilized right from day one, and hence children learn new concepts as per their interest and that too at their own pace. Our main focus area is to develop their latent talents and introduce new ones which will prepare them for the upcoming preschool programs.

Introduction to early learning concepts.
Inculcate a passion for learning.
Build self-confidence and self-esteem.
Instilling strong communication skills.
Developing a love of reading and writing.

Explore and play to learn.
Building social skills.
Positive interaction with peers.
Theme based concepts.
Mathematics concepts.
Language skills.
Motor co-ordination skills.
Cognitive development.

Sand play and water play,
Creative play & learning.
Sensory play.
Celebration of Festivals and Special Days.
Field Trips.
Stage performances.
Free play