Trupt’s nursery program is structured for children who are between the age of three and four years. This program acts as the basis for children to learn some critical skills that will help them in the pre-school program as well as in primary school. The curriculum includes an introduction to reading and writing, basic mathematics, social and science concepts. Since there are brought to the stage in a child-friendly and logical sequence, the children are motivated to learn one step at a time.

  1. Theme-based programs every month, planned weekly topics of discussion and time specific daily activities help in keeping the child’s attention on learning through their inquisitiveness.
  2. These are also the foundation for making the child self-initiative, be more curious and also be persistent in their approach to learning.
  3. Children are also trained in extra-curricular activities like art, craft, dramas, role-plays, inter-personal as well as social interactions.

Children learn to explore which not only feeds their curiosity but also encourages them to be creative in a unique way. They can easily relate to everyday learning and also have better self-confidence and self-esteem.

Theme based activities and learning.
Developing important academic skills.
Explore, create and play methodology.
Improve their self-esteem and confidence.
Introduction to reading and writing skills.

Theme based knowledge gain.
Art, music and play.
Communication and social skills.
Peer interactions.
Understanding simple math concepts.
Language skills.
Motor co-ordination skills.

Sand play.
Art, music and play
Celebration of Festivals and Special Days.
Field Trips.
Stage performances.
Free play.