Junior KG

Trupt’s Kindergarten is based on a preparation plan to get the child ready for primary school. We make children prepared so that they can have a smooth transition from a well-guarded kindergarten into a diverse environment that is offered in a traditional school.

  1. The Junior KG Program at Trupt is an extension of the learning and knowledge that they gained in the early two years in the school, playgroup and nursery.
  2. The first year of kindergarten focuses on learning to read and write; they also learn basic concepts in mathematics in addition to science and other extra-curricular activities.

Our Lower KG children develop their social skills. It is the basis on which the child inculcates the ability to interact with peers and teachers without any inhibitions. All the activities are carefully formulated about different themes which give the opportunity for every child to learn something new every single day. We provide the children with a nurturing and encouraging environment which in turn makes them more confident and independent individuals who can be molded into the best leaders in future.

Activity-based learning.
Establishing fundamental academic skills.
Start of social skills by interacting with teachers and peers.
Learning to read and write.
Simple curriculum to gain knowledge in different fields of education.

Reading & Writing
Learning Language Skills
Basic mathematical concepts
Introduction to Creative art and science concepts
Art, music and play time
Extra-curricular activities
Developing Team skills

Science & Social Sciences
Dance, Art, Music & Play
Stage Performances
Celebration of Festivals & Special Days
Field trips
Free Play