Large Classrooms

we believe that children need space to grow and develop in and our large, free flowing classrooms enable children to do just that. As well as featuring key areas of learning and banks of accessible resources, our children have ample rest and quiet areas,en-suite bathroom facilities and immediate access to the gardens.

Etensive Indoor Play Areas

when the temperatures soar, our children have extensive indoor play spaces to climb, run, jump and crawl through.

Interactive Digital Learning Resources

All our classrooms feature interactive white boards so that children can get to grips with pre-writing skills, play maths games and explore technology. Whilst our children have access to IPAD’s device time is not encouraged during pre-school hours for children aged 0-2 years.

Talking pen is available it is a worthy companion for kids of different age groups. Since kids are fond of animals and cartoons, we decided to merge these to create a learning partner that kids would love to listen as it increases the child’s willingness to study. It is an ideal learning companion for slow learners and fast learners. They help the kids learn how to speak, read and pronounce better through demonstrations. They are patient teachers who can repeat the content as many times as the child wants for better understanding. They are priced affordably.

Features of Talking Pen, 

  1. Improves concentration
  2. Integrates learning with fun
  3. Enable better retention of learned content

Early Years Library

Language acquisition is a key focus to improve outcomes in communication and language and literacy in the primary years. We encourage a love of literature at Trupt through storytelling, auditory discrimination games, visual decoding games and drama techniques.

Splash Area

It’s not just for cooling down but helps to build your child’s confidence and self-esteem too. Our water confidence programmes help your little ones develop resilience and stamina.

Direct Access From Classrooms To Gardens

Our large gardens with safe surfacing and a growing area, enable our children to engage in nature play, using the elements to support their developing understanding of the world around them. Activities include planting, den building, channelling water, building water walls, playing in the mud etc.