Trupt’s daycare centres are the ideal solution for working parents. With more nuclear families emerging and the rate of inflation, it is only perfect for both parents to work to make both ends meet. We understand this scenario and hence our daycare centres are open to infants who need special care when their parents are off to work, toddlers and young children who have to be monitored after their regular school hours and children who are in between school sessions and waiting for their school to start.

  1. Our daycare facility is one among the best in Tiruchirapalli.
  2. We offer an environment for a child that is indeed a home away from home.
  3. We have top-class supervisors and support staff who make this possible with their love and care which is instrumental in making the children get into the comfort zone.
  4. Every kid has an immense amount of talent in their unique way and they just need an opportunity to showcase their creativity.

The Kids activity club that is specially designed for children who come to us as part of the after-school program is the right platform for them to explore and exhibit their talents without any inhibitions.

Individual focus to infants.
Defined play time, feed time and nap time.
Kid’s activity club for after school hours.
Exploring & exhibiting talents.
Child-friendly programs to educate them as they play.

Good habits and toilet training for 2+ year kids.
Dance, Art, Music, and play.
Building social skills.
Cognitive and sensorial development.
Motor co-ordination skills.

Art, music, and play
Water and sand play.
Celebration of Festivals and Special Days.
Field trips.
Puppet shows & skits.
Free play