When Trupt was established in 2017, it was nothing less than a dream come true for our team. We had the vision to teach children the basics and give them the perfect platform to face the challenging world of today. Hence ‘Trupt’ was born, where we work to our satisfaction, satisfying the learning needs of every child that walks through our doors.

Trupt – the name originates from the ancient Tamil Language in India in which it means ‘satisfied.’ We go by our name and make sure that we are ‘satisfied’ with our services and ensure that the parents of our children are ‘satisfied’ as well. When we work towards satisfaction, it is much more than any monetary benefits or other profits, Trupt is for the children and only for children!

Our primary goal is to focus on laying a proper foundation for children through the unique early learning experiences. We understand that every child is ready to learn right from birth and that is why we incorporate state-of-the-art thinking into their education which stimulates age-appropriate learning and gives the child an environment where they feel secure and are ready to explore.

At Trupt, we offer many opportunities for kids to discover new things, try them out and even get messy at times, but we never compromise on their safety. Our stringent safety and health guidelines and the current first aid qualifications are instrumental in maintaining a child-safe environment at all times.