Welcome to Trupt International PreSchool

Where Fun meets Knowledge & Innovation!

Every child is unique! So are their needs! We understand this and that is why, with our International Curriculum and Infrastructure, every single day is a fun-filled activity time making children play & learn simultaneously. We make children to excel in their individual skills and also encourage them to get involved in group activities. This is a stepping stone for children to prepare themselves for better communal harmony in the society. The audio-visual sessions and field trips are most welcome by kids. Our respectable teachers who are not only highly qualified but are also committed to inculcate the appropriate habits and manners in the young mind is something that they will cherish for life!

Artist or Engineer? Identify The Inherent Skills of Your Child!

At Trupt, we do not restrict your child to textbook learning, we make them explore all fields of play in order to identify their natural talents and then we build on them!

Our ‘Little’ Teams

Every child in Trupt learns the best social skills as they team with fellow classmates for fun projects.

Our day care is specific to children who are less than two years of age and are in need to special attention. We offer our special services to these infants and toddlers to keep them engaged with playtime, followed by feeding time and nap time. We have special cribs available so that the child can sleep comfortably as well as safely.


We take care of kids who come to our day care after their regular school hours, be it primary, middle or senior school. Children come to our centre, refresh themselves, have snacks, play and finish up their school work and are engaged with fun activities till late evening when their parents are back from work.


The playgroup is specific to kids who are between two to three years of age. Children learn to mingle with other children, sing rhymes, dance to them and also develop skills in art work. Our curriculum is child friendly, making them play games and learn through puzzles and interactive learning.


Nursery children are between the age of three and four during the beginning of the academic year. Children learn to differentiate right from wrong, are encouraged to share more and be inclusive in their work. This is the age when children challenge negative attitudes and stereotypes, respect each other and understand tolerance.


Junior Kindergarten, also referred to as Lower KG (LKG), is apt for children who are between the ages of four to five years. Introduction to the primary language, numbers and basics in counting are taught to children along with games and other activities that will make it interesting for them.


Senior Kindergarten, also referred to as Upper KG (UKG), is apt for children who are between the ages of five to six years. Slightly advanced mathematic concepts, an introduction to second language, oral and recitation trainings are given making the children get rid of stage fear and increase their confidence levels.


Why Choose Us?

Expert Teachers​​

Experts at handling children and nurturing young talent!

Overall Development​

Children are given a wholesome education that goes beyond academics!

Love for Learning

Our love for our children is instrumental in inculcating a love for learning!

Interactive Sessions

The interactive way of teaching encourages participation & improves confidence!

Multimedia Classes

Watching real-time examples and stories takes learning to the next level!

Full Day Programs

Our field trips are a way for children to explore & understand the outside world!



News & Events


Trupt international pre school organized “1st kids art contest “on 22nd October 2017  to provide exposure to talented kids and amazing young artists. We invite children

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Draw 3D

During winter holidays, from 26/12 to 30/12/17 our school organized 5 days programme on 3d drawing course for young children between the age group 6 to 15.   Beginning animation courses

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